This is what you see when you hit the Space World doorway. If you're someone like me, that is. If you're like Shirley, or Serena the worm star interpreter, well, things might be different. For simplicity I'm assuming you're like me. No offence if you're not.
This is really a nicely textured dome. I'll give you some idea of its development.
The niches are going to be a treat to explore after they're a major pain to activate. I managed to pry the corner free on one, and guess what, there're sample scapes inside. Landscapes, seascapes, planetary and nebular and cosmic and all kinds of inbetween scapes.

Space World

What I'm thinking that means is you can choose. Choose a scape like a piece of pie out of an old automat and discover its story or its game. You'll also be able to pair different scapes with different vessels and vehicles once I repair them. They should be displayed on that central silhouetted cushion-shaped stone. The light source, who you can clearly see lives under that polished stony cushion, tells me that a choice of vehicle there between the forcefield generators (those metallic projections) will set into motion the adventures those vessels have had while in those scapes. Not bad, but I may have to make modifications if I find even that too limited.
I can let you see what it's like up on a generator.

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