Now this room is really odd. I know you're saying, yeah, well, every place I've been here is odd. And you'd be right, too. But, as I always say, oddness is the thyroid gland of life.


the Still Room

There are four linked rooms, and my guess is they were a kind of gallery though for what and why you'd need one in an Arcade I don't know. But like I mentioned, I don't think this was always or only an arcade. There're plenty of hints that portions might have been a museum, a prison, a hospital, a seminary, an auction arena, and an exchange so why not an art gallery.
I've picked up my info here from the DysArc denizens (DADs). I can show you some shots of them soon, but not now. I have to get the ok from their Clearance Board. And when they say board they mean it. It's interesting.
Besides their historical notes I've also located piles of stuff around on the floors, residual exhibits, you might say. Once I make sure the structure's safe, you can go in and sift through the objects yourself. I'm sure there'll be some great finds and some unexpected results.
The shot above I took in the entrance. To the right of center you can see through a room to a farther room; to the left of center is another room. Confused? Get the layout.

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