This room is so cool. I had so much fun I could hardly leave even though at the time I knew there were at least two water pipes that had busted and were flooding a storage area and the worms were dredging the Machines Room, scavenging and cannibalizing in order to upgrade their feeds. The little jerks.
One thing about owning the DysArc, though, is I can make my choices. If the flood collapsed a wall, I might find treasures revealed. On the other hand, I might have only a huge pile of sodden and drowned unknowns. Life is a mystery, flockers and flockettes.

Tree Room

This room is called the Tree Room, but there is no tree. I'm guessing there must have been, but whether it's any kind of tree I can discern, I don't know. I mean, there are a lot of things that claim the name tree, right? I don't see any of them here.
What I'm thinking of doing, to get things going, is setting up a tree, a real growing tree. That'll either be what this room needs or else maybe shock the skulking resident into view. It all comes down to pride in the end.
This room has no walls. A big, shallow textured curve forms the ceiling, like somebody lifted the top off a sphere, which somebody probably did. So that kind of dark red you see is the opening out into a swelling in the DysArc's corridor. The turquoise and silver sculptures are the supports holding up the ceiling and they are ridiculously fun to climb and slide down. I was part way up one to take this shot, but I've got more shots taken from up top, squeezed between the top and the ceiling.

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