Now this seems to me so far a rather sad world. I'm not sure why. I can't even really define the source of this feeling, but it is a very definite feeling, an aura really, that covers me whenever I approach this room.
It's small, rough, set right onto the DysArc's central Exchange (that sphere in the schematic). You'd think this room couldn't hold much that was profound or complex, a dumpy little octagon like this. But it does. It must. I feel it. I sometimes think I hear things from up near the room's top. There's an old skylight there, but it's wrecked now and hanging, jammed shut. I intend to climb up there and open it. And hear the whispers. Shreds of song? Perhaps.


Nliq World  room

There is a tale here and I intend to find it out, or maybe one of you will, but if I do I'll make sure you can get into it if you want. The key is the central object.
What it looks like to me, especially since the light source in the room, wherever and whatever it is (and believe me there are really some weirdos here; things parading as light sources that have no business doing so, but there you are. If a place is dysfunctional it has a reputation to uphold. Maybe that's not quite the right interpretation or conclusion, but it is a possibility) falls onto it the way it does, brightest right there on that little innermost curve, is that something special ought to be there in that light and activated, maybe with a touch, or a question.
There's a pile of junk to one side of the door. You can't see it in this shot. I think some of those objects belong on that lighted curve. Some of the stuff looks like discards swept up after a busy day, but there are two rings, and when I touch them, I get the oddest feeling, a brief poignant twist like those voices whispering overhead.

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