This is my only shot so far of the reputed Lost and Found Department. It's situated at the end of a short, aborted tunnel on a lower level which seems made to send you tumbling down head first. Perhaps DysArc denizens (DADs) hoped no one would find the place; perhaps what appeared there became theirs after a time.

Lost and Found

I haven't had time to search through it thoroughly but I've already located some deliciously obscure specimens. I suppose you will too when you can get at it. Finders keepers remains the only rule here. And another nice thing about that is the pile changes all the time. Amazingly, it changes even when it might not look like it has. That's typical of the DysArc, I should add. Slip below for some clues on how this room was built and other Discoverer's Secrets.

Mesh room views.

Object meshes and models.

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