Not a surprise, is it. That's a relief to some and reassuring to many others.
Remember: these are units destined to contain plea data and sent swiftly, unerringly, to mediators' depository points.
If you're an assembler or seeking novelty even to the riskful borderlands of multiphasing power waves and timefree configurations, you better head for Bloc Sector. You won't be disappointed.
What you see after removing a comm unit's top and the side panels affixed to it are the subelements and conduits which relay communications between subelements and with the hooks.
Upgrades and other modifications are easy. Subelements are fully assembled and snap in and out of place.
Attachment points on elements and conduits permit many different positioning sequences. What you see here is the standard.
The program receiver. Instructions from assembler and sender arrive here and influence all further unit activity. The PR also receives copies of all intraunit communications and element-specific status reoprts. After analyzing its program it will query regarding any errors it perceives. It then issues commands to sensors, navigation, power, and initiates chronometer sequences.
Power source subelement.
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Contains fuel supply and power generating substances. Initiates dispersal flow after analysis of data from other subelements. Will counter results of its own analysis if instructed to do so by the program receiver.
Navigation subelement.
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Dependent on instructions from the program receiver. Direct, multiple highspeed multidirectional connections to all sensors and chronometers. Able to make course alterations on the fly when confronted by possible delays due to environmental conditions or trafficker snares.
Dataload backup.
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Ensures sufficient power for presentation. Ensures proper communication with sensors and chronometers from data activation to close.
Sensor and chronometer subelement.
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Receives raw signals and forwards processed information. Backs up chronometer functions.
The main box can accommodate additional subelements. Most favored are extra power and navigation modules and specialized subelements for travel, speed games, or other entertainment.
If you open a subelement you will find