One screen is all this model needs. A tap of a finger reveals the next screenfill of data. If the unit receives no tap after a lapse of time it will query, offering to present its remaining data and other assistance.
Data displayed on a metallic finish screen will appear incised, that on a gel to be floating on the surface or submerged.
All units are responsive to touch and to spoken commands except for a few very early models seldom used for pleas because of this limitation.
A slide model, with lensing effects which can be emphasized to swell any images contained in the plea into spherical holograms focused above and to 1 side of the screen so that they augment other data without demanding a separate run sequence.
A multiscreen modification. Some contain 8, 10, or even 12 satellite screens which extrude from the main screen and from each other and on several levels. These adjunct screens can be totally detached from the main unit if desired.
Translucency does not hamper communication. Screen bases alter to suit the data type they are presenting and can, when requested, make further refinenments such as altering colors and luminosity or offsetting ambient effects, sharpening images or audio, and in the case of the latter, adjusting frequencies and amplification and damping or increasing noise.
This model divides. A fullsized secondary segment extrudes and scales up as a finger and thumb press its 2 opposing buttons. The screen changes screenfill by scrolling or stack exchange on voice command.
The Sharpie is another simplified extrusion model shown here with translucent polymer screens. Each screen comes to the fore and presents its contents when tapped. Each can hold a stack of screenloads which it reveals on command.
An early disc, now in the possession of a collector, is adeptly customized with 4 access buttons resembling rod probes. Pressing them simulates movement through a gelatinous substance and extrudes a number of screens according to the number and sequence of rods moved.
It's frequently used for pleas because it's highly streamlined. Here are some presently favored schemes:
The Sharpie's shape proclaims speed. Senders are of course aware of this play upon their need; the model has set records in the quarterly contests.
But that doesn't explain its popularity completely.
It has been proposed that the color schemes most subtlely influence prospective buyers. Sharpie fabricators have allowed spontaneous materials analyses. None of these have revealed any unlawful practices.
Certain rival fabricators remain unconvinced.
One has sworn to locate substances she feels are secreted within the primary fabricators.
It can also adhere to a presentation schedule following a sequencing and interval which has been verbally requested or programmed in with the dataload.
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