"Messengers are distinctive. You can see that. They stand out in any collection of comm units. Through the centuries a number of models have appeared. These shown here are representative." -- HarrRmaq, civic engineer and collector
"They predate all other comm units as far as we know and have become increasingly rare during the last 500 years. They are more complex and so more expensive. Consequently most citizens prefer to use the simpler, lighter modern comms.
"More and more, when messengers appear in the public realm they are purchased by collectors.
"They're on the watch because occasionally a really fine, rare model will appear.
"Citizens in need of funds have searched old tribal cachements for messengers in hopes of finding some coveted models."
--Turrrlehn, assembler specializing in messenger repair and conditioning
"Messengers have their curious facets. Like other bits from our distant past they have an aureole of mythical attributes and tales and fragments of lore. They are said to have far more autonomy than other comm units which in some can lead to defiance and aggression.
"There have even been reports of a few messengers disappearing, having taken a severe dislike to their duties or senders but of course this may only cloak those taken by greedy collectors or the desperate hoping to sell them."
--Xlixann, civic archivist
"There's a messenger I'm after, I've glimmed it several times down in the lower level far below the Civic Center. It's old, clever, mean and potent. I'm going to get it one of these nights."
-- Saq, Bloc Sector
"I remember the first messenger I conditioned. It led me through the process it needed. But it took me three days experimenting before it responded. They don't trust. I've never been through an equivalent initiation."
-- Palquine, assembler
"I had a messenger assigned to me and it stung my fingers every time I tried to activate it. It knew I was obliged to access it. It was having its dark fun."
-- SlurrRin, mediator
"Here is what you see when you've managed to successfully activate a messenger. Some expand even to 8 times their height when closed. It's then you realize your real challenges are just about to begin."
-- Bheq, assembler