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A fractal is a mathematical object that is self-similar and chaotic. Fractals are infinitely complex, the closer you look the more detail you see. Most fractals are generated by a relatively simple equation where the results are fed back into the equation until it grows larger than a certain boundary. Most fractals are just a graph of an equation using complex numbers.

On the Journey through my Galleries "Hawk" will take you to places far beyond the Stars, beyond Time and Space, idyllic places full of color, wonder and beauty that can only exist in your imagination. A sanctuary where one can reflect on all things possible and impossible.

All of the Art you see on my pages is digitally created, these are not scanned in paintings or photographs. All of my work is created in the 'Moment'... that is to say, I have no preconceived idea of what I am going to create when I start out... it flows from the Mind, Heart and Soul and as the 'Moment' changes so does the Image. I use many programs, and with few exceptions these images go through numerous processes before completion.

These Fractals were created in Tierazon and GrafZViZion, and Sterlingware
Flight From Fractal
Fractal Explorer - and some were then tweaked in Photoshop.



Hawk's Temple

Coat of Arms

Close Encounter

The Guardian Awaits

Space Virus

True Flight

Hawk's New World

Hawk's Sanctuary

Joyous Night 

Illuminating Hawk

Night Mists

All that is Left

Tornado Valley

Ice God

Frozen Wasteland

Desert Storm

April Sunset

Center Stage

Edge of Time

Faberge Fire

Of Sweet Dreams

Space Spirits

The Last Portal

Rhapsody in Blue


Listen to the Stars

Emerald Delights

Hawk's Window




Fractal Glory
Fractals East
Fractal Flora

Fractal StarVisions II
Fractal Pathways
Fractal Seascapes

Fractal StarVisions
Fractal Romance

Fractal Seascapes II
Fractal Paradise

Hawk's Domain

Fractal Art Museum Enterprise
Artist Member of
Fractal Art Museum

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