There are plenty of other, much more complete lists of links to museums, artist resources, etc. So this is just my quirky list of the things I like, rather than everything I was able to find. My focus is on links to individual artist's websites. Often I link directly to a particular image I like rather than to the top page in the site. In most cases, they have provided links back to other places on their sites so you can explore. Some of these people are my friends, many I've never met. After the artists I've listed various other sites that I found interesting or useful in various different categories. I have a pretty strong list of links to animal images. Enjoy the surf!

Note on 1/1/1999: This is just the beginning... I have a lot more links, I just haven't had time to add them on yet.

Misc. Cool

Coffee cup reflections-- needs Java-enabled browser

Art & Computers

Wallpaper pattern generator
collab internet art projects

Visual Arts: Artists, Art Galleries, etc

Abulafia Gallery
Art on the Net
Brazilian gallery
Postal Stamps (old)
Grafitti art
Grotesque in art
Kiyotei's Den
Kristen Ankiewicz' Fabulous Monsters!
Niagara Artists
National Museum of American Art->I recommend searching for Cecilia Beaux , Romaine Brooks, Palmer Hayden & Malvin Johnson
OTIS Home Page
Clayton Bailey
David Friedheim's stunning steel creatures are a cross between Picasso and the Flintstones.
Artist's Forum shows the likes of Manuel Neri and Oliver Jackson.
Meadowsweet Dairy is a collobarative making nature-based sculpture.
Todd Tibbits pictures and animations
Simran Singh Gleason's studio of largely figurative artwork.
Simran Singh Gleason's Standing Nude
PrePRESS Print Show
Samia Halaby's Portrait of a Palestinian Woman
Oakland's 60th Street Gallery
The Henry Moore Foundation
UK's Artonline Gallery
Jim Rowe's quirky b/w illustrations.

Other Arts (Music, dance, writing, etc)

Second Hand Dance
Stories from around the world