Information about Julia Kay's Java Applets

These applets were all written in Java 1.1, and require the latest, greatest, Java 1.1-enabled browsers to work. In my experience (sorry) this is implemented best in Microsoft's Internet Explorer 4.04 or greater. As of Netscape Version 4, there was still no Java 1.1 support in the Mac version, and the PC version often yields security violation errors when no security is being violated. Check in with Netscape (AOL?) for future versions to try, but as of early 1999, I recommend Internet Explorer for either the Mac or the PC for running Java 1.1.

These are just toys to play with, not finished products, and not for distribution. All applets, including source code and graphics, © Julia L. Kay 1998, all rights reserved. If you have thoughts, feature ideas, questions, want to let me know some circumstance (operating system, machine, browser & version) in which something didn't behave correctly, please do contact me. I appreciate everyone's feedback but I don't promise to respond or to implement anything. If by any chance you have some practical use for these and would like to buy them... by all means let me know! In that case I will surely respond! ;-)

The Applets