Marriage Portrait, 1995

Artwork by Julia L. Kay. Copyright 1995. All rights reserved.

How it was made:

Julia's comments about the piece:

Well, as I noted above I've had some confusion about sizes, and this was one of the very first pieces I made using all this new graphics software. I started in Painter, with settings that had the image filling my entire 17 inch screen, but when I went to print it turned out to be about one inch by 1.5 inches. I got it bigger by decreasing the resolution which is ok for viewing on screen but doesn't look so good printed....

In any event, the portrait is of two friends who I promised a painting for their wedding present. Unfortunately, the painting is still up in my studio unfinished while they've had several anniversaries and are expecting their first baby. So I made this on the computer to show them something while I continue to work on the painting.