Zarre's totem pole

    Digital Totem Pole With the year 2000 coming up, major changes within technology and science are taking place. This gave me the idea for the Digital Totem Pole. The Digital Totem Pole is the new god of our society. It dominates our lives through the medium of the IT world, mass information and the new technology which is taking over the whole world--permeating all areas of society from industry, the universities, politics and the cultural spheres. I want to say two things with the Digital Totem Pole. First, I want to enlighten people to the fact that the new technology can be used within all different kinds of areas. Secondly, that all computers are dependent on electric current, which, if cut off, can destroy all the work done and eradicate important information. There is also a danger with computers. They can eliminate closeness and love between people. To enhance my two messages, I asked two poets to write a poem each based on the Digital Totem Pole. Reza Rezvani, traqnslator and poet, wrote about the first message in a serious and jokingly ironic tone of voice. Anna Franklin, journalist and poet, wrote instead about the second message, drawing a parallel with the original totem poles The Digital Totem Pole was first shown at a public open-air exhibition called 'Brusa lilla ..' ('Rush on you little stream...'), part of the Cultural City of Europe Year 1998, in Uppsala. After that it was shown at an exhibition in the Botanics in Uppsala. The exhibition which brought scientists and artists together in common themes went under the name of 'Colour and Seeing'.

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