Zarre's painting

    Colour is one of the deepest human biological expressions...

    I always carry within me the colours and forms of my ancestors.
    Then, inspired by the Northern light and silence, added new hues to my palette. Living among colour and working with it, links me
    with all the cultures throughout time.

    'As an artist I am affected by reality and from that I create my own
    colours, shapes and forms. It is through my paintings that I express
    myself and my feelings. Poets create words. The whole becomes
    richer and stronger when two worlds meet. Words and art. Pictures can
    also create words in the same way words can create pictures. Both
    take their inspiration from each other.
    We live in an age of materialism and that is why I want my painting to
    reach into the depths of people--to their souls. I want art and poetry to
    create love and communication between people as a contrast to
    violence and egoism.'
Copyright ©Teymor Zarré, 2001, all rights reserved.