Willie's ParHarp
At the Mayhem installation, I heard this in the hallway and couldn't figure it out. Willie Bologna the clown was playing celtic harp in the chill room, and one of the aliens was speaking the harp 2 minutes later, backwards. It sounded like some ethereal synthesizer schtuff. So I ran to my car to get a recorder, and hooked it up to the mixer (it wasn't running on software in this installation). I was only able to record a couple of the tracks, so it's not a full mix of all the alien voices.
Abacacaba Road
Another excerpt from the Mayhem installation, in which the aliens hear Dr. Abacus playing in the background, and lots of voices and stuff.
Mighty, take 1
This is an excerpt from the installation at Mighty. This is an installation that used the software version of the sound processing. So we have a mix of four aliens' voices coming in and out, going different speeds, and using variably swept filters.
Mighty, take 5
Another excerpt from the installation at Mighty. In this show, one of the aliens hardly said anything, but it's subwoofer belly would occasionally move in and out about a half inch. It must have been speaking in the DC offset dialect.

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