Enfolding Perspectives

and other little collections
by Simran Singh Gleason

Comments from Readers.

Well, I only just put this page in my show, so I haven't gotten any comments back yet.

So far (as of the end of May, 1994), I've had people see the show from Silicon valley, Michigan, Sweden, Finland, the UK and many other places. (I've been reading the ftp logs to see how much "action" this show generates).
I've noticed pointers to this show in various places (most of them I asked to be pointed-to, but then again the "linkers" have enjoyed the show enough to link to it). For example, John Jacobsen's Strange Interactions show and this one mutually reference each other. Jon Van Oast has graciously agreed to put a reference to "Enfolding Perspectives" on UWI's "The Web's Edge." (I'm psyched about that one!).

* J. Random Reader (This could be you!?) sez:

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