My last Solo Exhibition was peformed in Guatemala "Beyond Time and Conquest"

The thematic content was inspired by mixture of religions: Mayan and Catholic brought by spaniards.

During a special ceremony the political and material power was granted to the spaniards conquerors. The control of Spiritual power was secretely denied to the new rulers.

Temples were built atop Mayan's sacred places. "How is possible that God could live far in the sky instead living in the vast empire of nature?"

After some centuries the spaniard temples look wear out and the residents saints have lost their color, energy and their identity vanished looking odd and vague. Some has changed dresses and others have changed names. As always they remain powerless because they never ment something to mayans.

"Lady of Light" feathers and candles glued means offerings

Monoteist Mayan faith is based on natural energies. Each sacred place has different kind of force and specialized guardians called Nahual keep the places. You must ask permission to cross their domains when your are walking by.

Rugged of Temptation

Flesh, blood and fire

The hand of God

"God gives you twice whatever you wish to me"

"Angel of Sacapulas"

Anything you say...