hoe hoe

Sometimes, sleep just seems like a waste of time and electricity. For example, our area had no electricity almost the whole day. We waited all day for the electricity. I crawled into bed at 1 a.m., tired with waiting and actually looking forward to maybe sleeping…and just as I found my eyelids getting heavy, I felt it- the electricity was on. I could hear the distant whir of the refrigerator as it adjusted itself to the current.Two voices began chattering in my head- the one that was counting sheep was slurred and drowsy… it said, "Go to sleep. You need some sleep- who cares about the electricity?" The other voice, alert and anxious, cried out, "Are you serious?! Think of the possibilities - the computer, the television, the washer…!!" The sleepy voice groaned and cursed as I hauled myself out of bed and into the corridor, fumbling for the light switch.