On Grew up in New York City. Spent a lot of time in museums as a kid, especially MoMA and the Met. Did a lot of drawings, comics, paintings, etc. Used to get into trouble passing drawings around in class. Majored in art at M&A when it used to be up on Convent Ave.
Headed west out of NYC and got a BFA Carnegie-Mellon. This is what I looked like as a callow youth in those days.
The Decals
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Later on I headed further west and got an MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art in suburban Detroit. Those were the days when Conceptual Art was king, and I wasn't really sure just where I fit in.
Stayed on in Detroit after graduation. I've been living in the Great Lakes region ever since. I started working for a publishing company as a book designer, which proved to be a congenial way of earning a living. Married, settled down, had two kids, fine daughters. Discovered pastels in the late '70s. Began showing work here and there. Divorced some years ago. I'm still at the publishing company but now I have more fun designing multimedia software interfaces and websites. Don't ask me where I find the time to paint, but I do. It hasn't stopped being an obsession.

This is me now. Married a second time, and now a new father again. Like many artists, I've entered a lot of shows and got into a few, which I won't list here. I've been with different galleries and have had mixed success selling paintings, but it's never been a living. The go-go '80s were great. Now it's the Naughties and we do webworks instead. That's the artists' life, I guess. You make art because you really feel it, because something in your being compels you. Then you go out and try and scratch a living like every other creature on earth. If you want to hit it rich as an artist go design action heroes. I am truly grateful to be able to share my work with you.

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Prepared by Art Chartow November 29, 1997. Updated January 8, 2003.