Artist's Statement


Clay is the Alpha and the Omega of existence.
Forming it is my meditative prayer -
the attempt to harvest an intuitive truth
the desire to return to the womb - reunite with God -
the aim to capture
a profound and universal human longing:
to bridge the gap
between matter and spirit.

Thus forming and firing the clay
connects me to those astral powers
that create, transform, and destroy
to re-create our boundless universe:
nature, humankind and God become one.


Throughout it's evolutionary process humankind has turned inner spiritual visions into narratives, customs, and artistic objects conceived and shaped by the knowledge and resources of the prevailing epoch. Through a deliberate selection of indigenous materials I am emphasizing the origin of all things. Yet, while archeological presence, form, firing and hand building technique give a timeless quality to my work, embedded machine parts speak of technological advances and the application of a spatial view captures a growing awareness of global/universal interconnectedness and responsibility.


At times I transform the malleable clay into orbs emphasizing homeostasis and harmony resulting from the feeling of being born of and belonging to a boundless universe. A swirl of white and blue colors mixed with patinas and metallic luster achieved through the process of Raku firing gives these celestial spheres a galactic presence. If I have the need to express genesis or destructive universal forces, the creative process is more volatile. I tear and pierce the clay to form erupting craters or war-like wounds. The glazing and firing process for these orbs varies and is determined by the intuitively experienced mood of the unfinished vessel. Finally, there are my down to earth creations, where form and texture are representative of the primordial state of our planet or resemble the transformation of a functional vessel into a container that holds the spirit of our time.


Having been born in Germany, in 1941, to a Dutch mother and a father who was fighting in France, the contemplation of genesis, transformation and maturation of cultural/religious customs, and the function of art has been the most fertile source for my work. Today, in creating orbs I emulate a spatial view to capture the astral elements of our world, I aim to transcend cultural boundaries, political ideologies and religious dogma to metaphorically demonstrate that humanity, nature and the powers that govern the universe are intrinsically one.


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