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Doorway Image Arabella Decker
This is a studio where you will see passionate reactions to my life's interactions.
Doorway Image Guy Burchek
American artist in Austin Texas, acrylic, pastel, sculpture, assemblage, etc... Including paintings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Doorway Image Judith Magers Bailey
works in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, bas-relief and sculpture. Figurative to abstract work is personal and sprititual.
Doorway Image Kendra K. Davis
Artist, and general Basketcase, works in 2-D and 3-D Mediums and various and sundry combinations of same.
Doorway Image Kristin Gudjonsdottir (Stina)
The basis of all my work is my search for identity as an Icelander. I have a special interest in different tools, unchanged for centuries, that past generations used.
Doorway Image three-d
creates mathematically calculated and scientificly based sculpture.
Ursula Goebels-Ellis Ursula Goebels-Ellis
I use sculpture as metaphor. My work emulates the interrelatedness of destruction and (re)creation as it is played out in the universe and on our planet earth.
Vahid Khastou Vahid Khastou
A self-taught artist born in Tehran, Iran who works in watercolor, oil and sculpture.
Doorway Image Vera Csik
is a Hungarian born, Venezuelan ceramist-sculptor. Currently she is creating works of art in polichromed ceramics and bronze.