Strata: 1993 - 1998: Macintosh: Color

I've had all too little time to do art in the past few years, and what I've done has mostly been on paper. But here are a few bits of idle time and/or dedicated expression from the past few years. I am really really really looking forward to acquiring some Real Graphics Tools expertise-- MacDrawPro and PixelPaint just don't cut it for some of the things I want to do. I fondly remember DeluxePaint on the Amiga in 1984 and liked that as well or better than most of the common Mac tools. Too bad Commodore's marketing slogan turned out to be "Ready! Fire! Aim!" At least the machine and tools survive to some extent, and someday I will walk into Computer Attic and buy DeluxePaint for the Mac. I'm just almost afraid to, it might have mutated too much.

Looking at the dates on these pieces, they were almost all done in 1993, several of them within a four-hour period that July. I really have to set my priorities straight with respect to art. I sit down in front of these tools and boom, there I am producing images without knowing what's going to come out. It's just like drumming for me-- engage frontal lobes, sit back and enjoy the ride. And it's so much *fun*. Priorities, priorities...

30 Foot Viz
Remembering the Point Loma kelp forest on a low-vis but bright and pretty day. I took a day off from LISA97 tutorials to go diving, since we were in San Diego and I knew the water would be nice and warm compared to Monterey. Crazy trip, but I had fun overall. I put in the sheepshead in reverse video-- doh! Oh well, artistic license. (Febrary 1998)

White Cave Wall
Just playing with textures in Painter 2.0, and found one that looked like rock. "Hey", I said to myself, "that looks like a cave wall. What about some hieroglyphics?" (September 1997)

An illustration begun to mark my hard drive on, completed recently. (May 1993, September 23 1995)

Reminiscing on an acrylic or lexan construction set I had as a child-- slotted connectors in dark, translucent colors. If you know where I can find a set, please let me know! (July 18, 1993)

Shadow View
A view from the boundary. Needs to be cleaned up and given thickness and depth planes; another work suffering from a 2-D medium. (July 18, 1993)

Owl Mask
I still love brush mirrors. Semi-abstract totem pole motif, very loosely based on Northwest coast Native American art. (March 3, 1993)

Mountains and Moon
I also love gradient fills. Grin. A nice lonely scene of cartoonesque moonrise. (March 31, 1993)

I was thinking about, and possibly also listening to, the track "The Grid" on Philip Glass' album "Koyannisqatsi". A nice abstract piece, suffers from lack of a 3-D medium-- the whole as conceived includes three-dimensionality and limited "color cycling" style motion/animation. Perhaps someday I'll make it a VRML document. (July 18, 1993)

Some incomplete sketches and ideas for representations of leaves. Very boring, but naively quaint. :-) (May 23, 1993)

A work in progress, with a note as to final form. Destined to become a very nice T-shirt design of dancing goddesses with the 4 Greek delineations of love. (May 16, 1995)

M. Strata Rose