Strata's Garden Updates

Mid to late March, mediterranean cucumber and lettuce, cherry tomato and lettuce

Today (April 11), mediterranean cucumber and lettuce, cherry tomato and lettuce

Cherry tomato by itself, mystery tomato (Brandywine, I think) and lettuce

OSH lemon cukes and mystery tomato (standard? cherry? mystery!)

OSH green globe and yellow crookneck summer squashes, no longer looking marginal (keeping my fingers crossed!) since bubble wrap put over them for warmth.

Volunteer cilantro, plus bowl of nasturtiums (an edible flower, though I'd rather just admire them)

Back fence picogarden-- chard was just harvested Friday afternoon, so it's very small on the left. Violas (also edible) in front, the biggest pea seedling visible on the left, and the two OSH zucchini in the right front. They bloomed once, but didn't set fruit-- too cold, probably.

April 10 2004: Our front yard, showing most of the hydropaks and the makeshift "greenhouse" for the sweet peppers. Front color pot are primroses, two on either side of walkway are 2003 dahlias re-emerging slowly, tiny pots on corner of pad are lime thyme (white) and lemon basil (with hotcap, now no longer actively dying-- but not yet thriving either). Note fancy 2004 quarter to half million dollar coach-- new neighbors, taking advantage of beautiful lawn and rosebushes left by young family with 5th-wheel who moved out last weekend. Need to wash n wax Birdie, she looks very shabby next to this thing!

May 8 2004: Same yard, stuff has started taking off! The barely visible light green lump in last month's picture turned into this beautiful California poppy, seed that rooted from the potted ones I had last year. Other clumps tried to survive, but the Spritz of Death guy got 'em before I could mark 'em as poppies, sigh.
The cucumber has been quite prolific, and I have gotten around a dozen cukes so far (writing on May 26), most of which were about the size and diameter of a little fat sausage (think Aidell's), but the last 3 or 4 more like 'store-size' cukes, 8 - 10 inches long and a couple inches thick. Rinse and crunch for breakfast-- yum!
The lemon cucumber and the mystery tomato-- pretty sure it's a cherry, not a standard.
OK, you could ripen any time now, I'm ready!!