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Several of these photographs are made with Kodak high-speed infrared film. I like using this film because it makes living things (and people) seem to glow with an inner light. I find this very life-affirming.

Little girl with fan
Megan (1.09Meg gif)
, a little girl I photographed at a wedding. The wedding was a victorian period wedding (I was wearing tails & topcoat while carrying my cameras). Kodak high-speed infra red & #29 red filter.

Portrait of Carole
Carole (112K jpg)
, The first portrait I was ever proud of.

Portrait of Dorothy
Dorothy (12K gif)
. Kodak high-contrast kodalith. Her image is reduced to the absolute essentials to reveal the personality within.

light in the forest Light in the forest (171K jpg). It was a long walk through the forest to find this place where the trees lay in the stream bed and the light filtered in from above, but it was worth it. Kodak high-speed infra red & #29 red filter.

Portrait of Maria Maria (16K jpg). Environmental portrait. Photographed by candlelight in a club where she was performing as a musician. Ilford HP5, pushed to ASA 1600.

Mushrooms Mushrooms (26K jpg). Mushrooms in high-key.

Stump with Moss (16K jpg). [big (247K)] See how the living moss glows on the dead stump when photographed with infra red film. Kodak high-speed infra red & #29 red filter.

Willows. Same trees, different times of day. Photographed with 4x5 Kodak infra red & #25 red filter.
Willow 1 Willow 2 Willow 3
(37k) (45k) (32k)
[big (117k)]

father & son at wedding Wedding (79K jpg). [big (103K)] Another scene from the same wedding. Groom and father. Kodak high-speed infra red & #29 red filter.

Pulgas Water Temple (19K jpg). [big (129K)] Kodak high-speed infra red & #29 red filter.

horse Grazing Horse (108K jpg). [big (181K)] Working with high-contrast Tech Pan for the first time. Kodak Tech Pan high-contrast film

fly on a leaf Fly (13K jpg). [big (102k)] Just playing around with color. Fuji Reala, Kodak CD

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