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A conference organised by the Society for Dance Research in
collaboration with University College, Chichester
Saturday 30th October, 1999


10.30 Welcome: Valerie Briginshaw (University College Chichester)

Introduction Exploding perceptions - raising the issues
Keynote Speaker: Johannes Birringer(international artist and author
of "Theatre, Theory, Postmodernism" and "Media and Performance")

11.00 Case Studies: Valerie Briginshaw(UCC)/Emilyn Claid (Surrey
University) Sally Doughty (De Montfort University)
Katy Dymoke(Independent researcher/artist Touchdown Dance)
Vida Midgelow/Jane Mulchrone (University College, Northampton)

1.30 Contexts for Performance Research
Christopher Bannerman on Rescen - the new Research Centre for advanced
research in the performing arts set up ‘to encourage the relationship
between practice and theory’ (Middlesex University)
Lizbeth Goodman on The Institute for New Media Performance Research set
up to facilitate research in the performing arts and new technologies
(University of Surrey)

2.45 Futur/perfekt: an ‘illustrated performance’ linking key aspects of
‘dance-historical-archival methodologies’ to the choreographic
process/product with Ana Sanchez-Colberg (Laban Centre)
Figments - a live intervention: Susan Kozel (University of Surrey) and
Kirk Woolford (independent digital artist) present a motion capture
installation - this session will include discussion, a presentation of
the installation and the opportunity for a small group of people to
experience the motion capture suit.

4.15 Panel Discussion and Open Forum: Philip Zarrilli (University of
Surrey) will chair this concluding session.

Society for Dance Research Membership Details can be obtained from:The
Secretary, Peter Bassett, Laban Centre London, Laurie Grove, LONDON,
SE14 6NH. Tel:0181-692-4070