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Andy Clarke (
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 19:38:28 +0100

><<Why does this game attract a crowd of onlookers, when most interactive
>dance performance leave their audience underwhelmed? what makes this game
>"work" as a spectacle, and most interactive dance to "fail" as a spectacle?>>
>The beat of the music, the competitive nature of the action, the physical
>feats. And it's free. Kinda like why the original non-technological break
>dancing gathered crowds of onlookers while experimental dance performances
>languished (OK, not always--i dramatize for effect).
>Creativity under duress will always have a mass appeal, I believe.
>Clarinda Mac Low

This was just a throwaway observation - I just thought that maybe
dance/tech could learn something from the success of this game (and indeed
from games in general), rather than bemoaning its willful lack of an

It just seemed interesting that this dance game could attract such as crowd
of spectators when you can't *pay* people enough to make them watch a
dance/tech work.

Andy Clarke

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