Dancing and Videoconferencing

Sita Popat (Sita_Popat@research.ultralab.anglia.ac.uk)
Mon, 11 Oct 1999 07:36:43 +0100

Here's a brief report about our latest videoconference rehearsal for the
Hands-On Dance Project:

We had another amazing rehearsal - one of the participants from last week
came back again, and we had another gentleman who began lewd and ended up
telling us about how he liked what the reduced framerate did to the
movement and that we should work with it. Another man from Corsica
started off telling us that he couldn't dance because he likes icecream
too much. Then he went off and changed into a Tshirt and jeans and came
back to do a duet with one of the dancers. At first he just copied her,
and then he started doing his own stuff. At the point where we had to go,
he was asking if anyone else in the videoconference 'room' would like to
dance with him...

We have another rehearsal next Friday. Details are on the Web site.
Maybe we'll see you then.
Hands-On Dance Project

PS If anyone else has experience of using videoconferencing software to
work on dance with the public, I would really like to hear about it. This
is going to lead to part of my PhD thesis, and I am very excited about it.