Dance Machine

Richie Whyte (richiewhyte@)
Sun, 3 Oct 99 17:21:20 +0100

I've just come back from Thailand where a version of this Dance game is
available for the Sony Playstation. It appears to be an almost exact port
of the arcade version which I saw in Australia. The interface is a mat
not unlike a Twister mat which appears to have burglar alarm style
pressure mats inside which give the four compass points needed. It cost
$80. The only thing is that those pressure mats (as used for alarm
applications) are notorious for false triggering and breaking down as
they wear (which they do very quickly). This particular "game" subjects
these mats to severe punishment. If you were considering trying to use it
in a less than domestic environment, I would suggest a more robust home
made solution should be tried.It's the best new videogame concept I have
seen in years, eventhough the UI is superficially simple, it allows and
encourages movement with is more sympathetic to the human animal, rather
than bending the human to its static needs.


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