Re: why tech?

Nick Rothwell (
25 Sep 1999 14:10:11 -0000

[Mail catch-up.]

> It seems to me that her choosing to work with these artists who are
> as deep into their fields as she is in hers, is a natural artistic
> act. Each artist is using the methods that they use in order to
> contribute to the piece by expressing themselves in the way they do.

I seem to recall that we briefly skirted around this issue at the
Shinkansen/Random Dance/ResCen symposium at Middlesex Uni. last
weekend, in one of the discussions about co-authorship and
collaboration. We talked about exposure to other media vs. immersion
in other media, roughly concluding (as I recall) that exposure is a
good thing, but does not confer skill or craft, whereas immersion
takes a good deal of dedication.

Personally, I've been at the "exposure" stage in terms of dance
(having collaborated with dancers and choreographers for several
years) and at the exposure stage in digital video, having spent a week
putting together an AVID-based video/sound score work last year. I
have no particular desire to immerse in either - a much more
interesting and appealing route is to find good collaborators in these
media such that the various creative processes work off one another.

On the other hand, if I have to exhibit some level of proficiency with
other digital media and use the "cyber" prefix in order to attract
funding, I shall do so. That's just a survival instinct.


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