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Scott deLahunta (
Fri, 24 Sep 1999 09:33:30 +0100

hello john,

i saw your question but with a million emails this morning i left it go
hoping someone else would jump in -- you were smart to send direct to me
though ...

Yes, lifeforms can be projected directly through an LCD projector which has
inputs for 'data' -- that is an image from a computer monitor -- so it
needs to have RGB input and output, which will normally be in addition to
video. So, you can show 'anything' which can play on your computer screen
projected on a wall. The size of the projection has to do with your lense
and distance from the surface. You can get specs on this from the projector
company... the other factor is brightness of projector -- the brighter it
is the further away you can get which makes the image larger and also
directly effects the amount of light you can have on in the room.

Brighter projectors are more expensive -- I have not done the research but
something like a 7-10 thousand USD should get you something nice. Think
about portability -- go here to take a look at some stuff: -- it is possible to find used
projectors on line.

... as far as display -- you want one which can show the highest resolution
possible -- older ones have trouble of being able only to go to 600x800 --
so see if you can ensure it will show 1024x768. Here I begin to get out of
my depth... but of course it is usually easy to adjust your computer to
match the LCD output. Remember then that the picture 'size' will change
relative to your screen (600x800 pixels is 'smaller'). Bear in mind MAC and
PC can get slightly different reactions -- sometimes you will get an
adaptor for the MAC which has dip switches allowing you to adjust to settings.

hope this helps --


At 01:12 AM 9/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
> I am fairly new at this and I am starting a project in which I will be
projecting my lifeforms animation with a videobeam. Can I do this directly
from lifeforms or do I have to export to another format or program? What
are your experiences using lifeforms animation with a beam projector?
> Also are there any words of wisdom concerning the best resolution for a
beam projector for projecting an image several meters square. Is 800X600
enough or are higher resolutions recommended?
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
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