Re: dance and literature

David Rodger (
Thu, 23 Sep 1999 10:38:17 +1000

Regina Miranda wrote:
> I am doing a research about the relatioships between dance and
>for a conference I'll be doing in the beginning of November.

What sort of literature would this be? Philosophical, technical (manuals,
tutorials, etc.), ethnographic and anthropological studies, reviews, or
just references to dancing in fiction?

>I intend to focus
>on the contemporary dance scene, with an introduction on the traditionals
>into which this partnership develloped.

Whatever sort of literature you are interested in, I suspect that its
development is somewhat dependent on the work in preceding times. For
example, if you were to concentrate on the theories of Dalcroze or Laban,
you'd need to look at their philosophical or pedagogical precedents.

Regards, David

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