Dance Notation Software for laptop (os win)

Yukihiko Yoshida (
Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:38:03 +0900

Hello.My name is Yukihiko YOSHIDA.
I am Japanese student and learning dance.
When I am training, I sometimes take my memo for myself on my
notebook.Sometimes they are words ,and sometimes they are symbol
of human motion,such as dance.

Now, I feel it is nice that there is any software to do it.
Once I learned juggling.Among jugglers,there is software of
notation and visualization called "Juggle Master".
If you see, there is that software.
That worked on my laptop. It was fan.

Is there any software on dance ? I find some people did their
work on Laban notation. The system for Laban Notation on Win and
Unix were found.
Is there any software on windows ?

BTW,I felt LifeForms interesting. I will get the cd-rom of
Willam Forthythe soon or later.

Any suggestions and advice are wellcome.

Best Wishes from TOKYO.

Yukihiko YOSHIDA

PS.I am a fun of DumbType.In the webpage of this list,there was
the name of them.I am proud of it.Some of my friends works with
them. And I know a little of them.