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Michael Klien (klien@metronet.co.uk)
Mon, 13 Sep 1999 16:15:36 +0100

Barriedale Operahouse:
1)Talk at the ICA : Non-Linear Choreography 21st /09/1999 - 7 30pm
2)PDE: Peripheral Dinner Entertainment: 22nd/09/1999; TIME Bar; Greenwich ,
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1)The ICA and Barriedale Operahouse present:

Non-linear Choreography and Fluid Environments
a lecture demonstration on a revolutionary working method for the performing

When: 21/Sept./1999; 7.30pm
Where: ICA / Brandon Room
The Mall,
London SW1Y 5AH
Admission: £5/£4Concession/£3 ICA members

Choreographer Michael Klien, (winner - Bonnie Bird Award 1998) and his
brother Volkmar, (composer - PhD., City University) of Barriedale Operahouse
have been working together to develop a software system that enables
choreographers to visually represent various sequences of a performance on a
digital interface. The sequences can be altered and influenced in 'real
time' (during the performance) and read by the dancer/performer from
In this talk they will discuss the experience of working on the software
(the ChoreoGraph) and about the practical and conceptual changes that it has
brought to the process of choreography and staging.
A solo created with the software for demonstration-purposes will feature
during the talk (danced by Samantha Jones)

This talk will give you a rare insight into a project that is still in its
early stages but has the potential to make a huge impact on the performance
world in the long term.

The project was developed at the Barriedale Operahouse, with the help of
ARTEC, Camper Shoes and the LAB


2) PDE - Peripheral Dinner Entertainment
conducive, atmospheric performance machine

22nd/ 09/1999 - from 7.45pm onwards
TIME Bar/Restaurant - College Approach, Greenwich
Tel: 0181/ 305 9767

We are delighted to invite you to experience an exciting innovation in
entertainment. Dance finds its way into restaurants and bars as a beautiful
and contemporary alternative to regular background music.

Performed on a small platform, PDE is seamless, flowing dance (and
accompanying sound) with a sharp digital edge and an attitude. The
choreography is sophisticated and unobtrusive in nature, yet quirky and
intriguing. It is designed to enhance and support the atmosphere of a
restaurant/bar/café, thus empowering the diner or drinker with the choice to
either give it their full attention or simply let their senses absorb it

PDE is essentially a digitally based performance-installation, which brings
dance in line with the latest technological advances.
Its lynch-pin is a groundbreaking software system called the 'ChoreoGraph'
(designed by Barriedale Operahouse), which allows both the movement and
music of the piece to be structured in real time (by the choreographer or
the computer), in accordance with the dynamics of the environment. The
information is transmitted to the dancer via monitors.

· Generative music written by accomplished electronic composer Volkmar Klien
· Choreography by Barriedale's Co-Director Michael Klien.
· The dancers on this occasion will be Samantha Jones, alternating with
Jayne Pope.

* TIME recently received rave reviews in Time Out and The Independent. We
highly recommended that you book a table and enjoy a meal (menus available
on request).
You are welcome however, to simply enjoy a drink in the Bar (lounge/gallery
type atmosphere).

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