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The ONLINE issue of Performance Research should be out on the stands in
early October. To find out more about the journal visit Routledge's
homepages at -- single issues should be available
in your speciality bookshops.

['On Line' Supplement: With generous support of the Arts Council of
England, 5 new digital artworks were commisssioned for a CD-Rom to
accompany the issue. Artists: Simon Biggs, John Cayley, Jo Hyde, Jane
Prophet and Louise Wilson. Curators: Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta.
Production: Huw Williams]

'On Line', Performance Research Volume 4, Number 2 (Summer 1999). Edited
by Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta

Emerging digital media, information and communications technologies are
changing the ways in which we understand and experience time and space,
place and body. These developments challenge us to redefine existing
strategies and forms of performance, and to create fresh approaches and
alternative environments for performance making and composition. 'On Line'
explores these changing conditions as they relate to performance practice
and discourse.


*Editorial / Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta
*Death, Digitalization and Dys-appearance / Maaike Bleeker
*A Microchip Inside the Body / Arlindo Machado
*'Jadi Jadian': Invisible Theatre / Paul Carter
*Utterance 1: Fighting My Own Endemic Technophobia / Guillermo Gomez-Peņa
*Shells that Matter : The Digital Body as Aesthetic/ Political
Representation / Harald Begusch
*Utterance 2: Performance Technology and the Oracle / Mark Coniglio
*Actions in Virtual Space / Marina Grzinic
*Strategies, Tactics & Resolutions in 1999 (Artist's Pages) / Marko Peljhan
*Utterance 3: If Only I Could Touch the Mouse, My Life would be Perfect /
Amanda Steggel
*Impossible Becomes Possible / Bojana Kunst
*Utterance 4: Relational Architecture / Rafael Lonzano
*A Conversation about 'Jet Lag': Diller + Scofidio/ Marianne Weems /
Jessica Chalmers
*Utterance 5: Mesh Performance Partnerships / Susan Kozel & Kirk Woolford
*Dance Geometry / William Forsythe & Paul Kaiser
*Utterance 5: Live and Media Performance / Richard Loveless & Lizbeth Goodman
*The Laughing Dead / Andres del Bosque, Maximiliano Salinas & Enzo Cozzi
*Utterance 6: The Talking Cure in Hypermedia Production / Adrianne Wortzel
*Writing for the Cyborg - Part 1 / Nancy Reilly
*Utterance 7: Letter to an Unknown Thief / Guillermo Gomez-Peņa
*Diller + Scofidio & Builder's Association (Artist's Pages)

Review/ Prototype Section:

*'24 hours' / Ian Maxwell/ DeQuincy-Lynch
*'Keystrokes' / Sher Doruff
*'ChoreoGraph' / Michael Klein
*Stills of the Night - 'Nightwalks' and Frozen Palaces' / Andrew Quick
*Book Reviews / Claire MacDonald & Alexandra Carter
*Archive Review / Ric Allsopp & Scott deLahunta

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