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Thu, 02 Sep 1999 09:37:48 -0400

Hello Madeline:

Thanks for your interest on the Festival.Actually,we try to choose the
choreography that are working in an interdisciplanary way.
Though we are faraway of the digital zone,because in Chile we do not have
access to that possibility.
Anyway,somehow we supplied, that with a lot of imagination for the ilussion.
There is choreographer Nelson Aviles,that did filmed with a closed circuit
of tv.
Myself,I am working with slides integrated to a white mark that allow
dancers shadows, and an industril video,dancers in the middle of industry
and then repeating the steps on stage.
Oh well,may be I send you a video, and also you can come to Chile.
Yours Victoria
At 03:22 p.m. 01/09/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>I am curious about your festival. Please send me more information.
>We will organise again in 2001 our festival PICTURES OF (E)MOTION. It is an
>interdisciplinary arts festival with the main focus on dance, film and new
>media technologies. We are always on the outlook for new work and
>institutions/initiatives who work with a similar interest.
>Looking forward to your response,
>with best regards
>madeline Ritter