Digital Traces

Jeff Miller (
Tue, 31 Aug 1999 22:17:20 -0500

This online exhibit both addresses and illustrates many of the ideas of
interactivity, the role of digital media in the arts, and the changing
roles of audiences, for those who are interested.

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Digital Traces






You'll need a 4.0+ browser to experience the
Digital Traces site. Video content
will be arriving soon; you'll need the
RealPlayer G2 to see it.

This site will rapidly evolve over the course
of the exhibtion; if you'd like to receive
regular updates, please send mail to to be placed
on the Digital Traces mailing list.

The Digital Traces site is designed to run in
a fixed 640x480 window - set your screen
resolution to at least 800x600 and click HERE to enter. If your computer is not capable of 800x600, enter the site HERE for
the scrollable version.