Re: undemanding, unambitious, uninformed and uninspired

mary-lou (
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 10:06:53 -1851

Fantastic Andy...I really agree. I am constantly looking for examples of
dance work that uses digital technology in new and exciting ways... and
there are really so few examples. There are many critics of the feild,
and really they have a right to be, there is certainly a lot of talk and
"playing with gadgets"... I think there is a new aesthetic in the
digital arts, and I look forward to the day when audiences are brave
enough and have seen enough to realise that using digital technology
alone is not "clever". I interviewed Chrisse Parrot recently, an
Australian artist who has worked extensively with motion capture.... and
she talked about a "new aesthetic" evolving in the digital arts.

I also think... and this comes from my experience as a teacher... that
the first thing one does with new gadgets, is play. A child with a
pencil scribbles, they are not necessarily creating an innovative peice
of work...they are trying a new tool. Perhaps artists are doing the
same... access to new technology is often expensive and time consuming,
it also involves a certain degree of training/ learning... new software
etc. So perhaps everyone is playing and the art that breaks the
boundaries is yet to come....speaking from someone who hasn't seen a lot
of it!!! I don't live in London or in a "big" American city....

Mary-Lou Michael
Dance and Technology
Discovery Network / Multimedia Pathways Project
Charles Campbell Secondary School
Adelaide, Australia