Re: recording device

Claudio Pinhanez (
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 16:12:07 GMT

> You'll then have to work out a battery powered miniature
> transmitter to get the signals to a receiver off stage. That's the
> other half of the adventure.
> cheers,

Radio Shack sells a wireless transmitter/receiver for video that is
half decent, and cheap (I believe around 150). I've seen people using
it for "wearable computing" experiments around my lab. They are
portable, although maybe a little bulky for a dancer. Also check for
video-based electronic baby-sitters, they might provide you with a
ready-to-use solution for your needs.

There are also some very good small cameras (but expensive) that can
be used. I'll try to get more info on those...


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