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Regina Miranda (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 06:21:39 -0400

Hi Christian!

Funny! I'm looking for the same thing for my dance piece, GAZAL, based on
Rumi's poetry! AND EXACTLY with the same "birds eye"intention, since in the
Sufi religion the loving heart is a "winged heart"and so, in Rumi's poetry
there is a whole birds symbology to which I am being faithful.

So, dear friends, this device will be interesting for us both!

I am curious in which context you will be using yours...

Thanks, Regina

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Date: Sábado, Agosto 21, 1999 09:39
Subject: recording device

>hello list,
>my name is christian burns. i am a dance/video maker based in berkeley, ca.
>was wondering if anybody on the list might be able to point me in any
>to find a small camera/recording device that might be attached to the body
>a "birds eye view".....something small and light. are their any custom
built or
>consumer products that could be recommended.
>thanks so much