Re: recording device

Per Platou (
Sun, 22 Aug 1999 04:13:03 +0100

>hello list,
>my name is christian burns. i am a dance/video maker based in berkeley,
>ca. i
>was wondering if anybody on the list might be able to point me in any
>to find a small camera/recording device that might be attached to the body
>a "birds eye view".....something small and light. are their any custom
>built or
>consumer products that could be recommended.
>thanks so much

Very briefly: Most people in the tech/arts field make their own devices for
different specific needs (I'm sure you can find most of what you need in a
RadioShack store or similar). If you need it fast, don't like soldiering
and have $650 to spare, try the GiraffeCam, supposed to be great.
<> Another option that we've been using
ourselves is an old VCR attached to a helmet.. looks a bit funny and might
throw you off balance, but it works! :)

Good luck
Per Platou

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