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Thu, 19 Aug 1999 16:59:41 EDT

Dear Dance-tech List:

Thanks for the inquiries about the upcoming Movement Research Journal #20:
Virtual Dancing into the New Millenium. I want to let all who are interested
know the following:

Sep 21 Deadline for intent to apply
Sep 28 Deadline for first draft
Oct/Nov Editing/layout
Nov 1 Journal goes to print

You can contact MR:

We will start to work with materials as soon as we receive them, the sooner
the better.
We are asking that submissions be on average 1000 words. This is not a
strict limit as we like to print pieces of diverse lengths. Please know that
due to space requirements and the volume of submissions and many unknown
variables, we cannot guarantee that a submission will be printed.

I am excited about all of the ideas that have come forward thus far. Again,
we are looking for all sorts of pieces, from articles & debates, to
interviews, journal entries, elucidations of process/collaboration, poetry,
theorizing and historical perspectives, etc. Visual art is an important
element in each publication. Photos, diagrams, handwritten pieces, computer
generated art, etc. is welcome.

It is possible that we will include a resource listing. If you know of
workshops, organizations, etc. where people who are interested in the topic
may learn more, please forward an appropriate contact.

Thanks again for your interest and your ongoing ruminations. I look forward
to hearing from you.


Kathy Westwater
MR Journal #20