looking for a room

imma Sarries Zgonc (immasz@retemail.es)
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 08:20:19 +0000

a short quick note to anyone who can help. The Catalan choreographer
Carles Salas -director of Bubulus Dance Company- needs a room or two
for the whole August in NYC.
Does anyone of you know of something, or can anyone of you help for a
not too expensive price.
We would be very greatfull.Please contact any of the below addresses.


Imma SÓrries Zgonc
Trav. de GrÓcia 358, 5e, 2a.
08025 Barcelona
tel+34- 93- 435 75 21

or contact

Carles Salas
C/. Petrarca 51, 1er, 2a.
08031 Barcelona
tel+34-358 7721
e-mail: bubulus@ols.es