BigEye/DC30 problem

Andy Clarke (
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 23:56:59 +0100

Has anyone had any problems with using the Miro DC30 plus video input card
with BigEye? The problem is that when I choose video as the input source, I
just get a blue cross. The card works fine when I am digitising video into
Premiere, etc.

Is there any setting for the video card that will work for BigEye, or can
anyone suggest a workaround. Is this a known issue? It is installed in a
blue G3 desktop which has QuickTime 3 and Mac OS 8.6 installed - is BigEye
compatible with both of these?

This isn't a serious problem, as I also have a 8500 (with video in built
in) to work on as well. It would just be nice to solve as I am likely to be
using this setup with the G3 again.

Following on from my previous message to the list, thanks to those at Steim
for supplying a copy of BigEye (at short notice) while Tom is away. BigEye
is proving a very nice application to work with, though is fundamental
incompatability with Director is proving a problem. It is somewhat
disheartening to see how fast BigEye reacts to the video signal on its own
- and how fast my Director movie will run on its own - and then see how
long the lag is when you have done all the tricks necessary to read the
output of BigEye in Director.


Andy Clarke