Re: New web dance

Richard Povall (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 11:24:49 +0200

>...Getting back to something you said before that I
>did not address--If Cunningham did something that I did not view as dance,
>it would not be, even though he is a superior form of life. He can intend
>it as dance, but if I do not recieve it as such, a comunication has not
>taken place. If large groups of people view it as dance, then the work
>can be dance too. still thing art is a personal thing, and an enmasse
>perception, depending on the situation. My mind has not changed on that
>score yet.

wow. this seems a little scary. Just how do we progress anything if it
takes an "enmasse" perception or acceptance for it to be recognised or
vaildated? Most of Cage and Cunnigham's early work would fall into this
category, I think. I know this debate has been going on for a while, and
I'm coming to it late, so forgive me if I'm repeating things that have
already been said. I make dance works for the screen - not animations
admittedly, but works featuring real bodies. Often, though, the body
presence is quite minimal, or the motion comes from the camera rather than
from the body itself. These works, though, are ALL about the body,
completely centered in the body, at least in my mind. Surely if I, as a
creator, intend a work to be "dance", then it is (rather than if you, the
veiwer, accept it and label it as dance)?

hi to everyone - it's good to be back!


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