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Hi all,

I second Mary-Lou's encouragement, being an Australian myself..keep up the great work all of you with the get-up-and-go to experiment with dance and technology! What would we have to ponder about if people weren't taking risks and chartering new waters?

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JL & LH wrote:
> Hi all,
> When I posted my comment about "what is dance" on the List, it wasn't to be cynical, rather to provoke thought and discussion about dance on the internet. Well, it worked! Let's not be so negative by likening this kind of questioning with critics of t

> he 50's or any other decade. Some of us, or least I am, just very attached to the human body in motion and would like to see it involved in "dance", but I also think that everything that moves can be called "dance". I hope we can stay open to discussi

> on without poo-pooing it.
> Jen
Well Jen since you quoted me I assume your comment is in response to
mine??? It is funny how easily one can be interpreted online.
I don't see any problem with questioning what is dance, it is always
fantastic to question! But I am fascinated with history, particularly
the history of contemporary art, which is of course full of controversal
individuals who questioned what is art/dance? ...and I recently
completed my thesis on dance and technology, in my research I found that
many people amongst the dance community questioned the use of
technology; for fear of losing touch with the body...etc... and found
interesting parallels historically...something like change is always
feared, particularly if it is not fully understood. Anyway it was
interesting research from a group of real people in my part of the
world... so I wasn't meaning to be cynical! If anything I feel it vital
that people like Richard and others on this list keep experimenting, and
questioning! You are all I believe contributing to a very exciting
time... Thats all


Oh one more thing.... has anyone seen Merce Cunningham's Biped? I would
love to know what people thought.