Re: New web dance

Jody John Ramey (
Fri, 2 Jul 1999 07:06:47 -0700 (PDT)

> in a particular culture, then we need to accept that dance may not appear to
> be itself unless we take the point of view of that culture. This particular
> culture (and I'm probably going to get in trouble for stating this belief) is
> the world wide web, which has it's own conventions and paradigms :-)
> independent of the place they are sent from. I agree, though; many of my
> friends didn't understand why Sensei Isaburoh Hanayagi's performance could be
> really considered "dance" (he performed a traditional kabuki-styled
> monologue). Were it not for my early exposure to that cultural form, I might
> have agreed with them. It depends, I suppose, on what point of view you
> take. And if you choose to take the Western view that at least one human must
> be present AND performing, then I guess Brownian Motion isn't dance.

Jeff, I aggreee with most of what you say. We should definatly try to
take the point of view of a particular culture, especially in this
"global" society, so that we can increase our perception of art, but that
is easier said then done. I agree that there is a certain "web culture"
that is developing, but I was raised in the United States, In the Pacific
Northest, In the State of Wasington, In the City of Vancouver. This
conditions me a whole lot more then my interaction with "cyberspace."
Also, I can view Brownian Motion as not being dance, and you can view it
as dance, THat is okay.