more web dance

Stiller and Neil Zusman (
Mon, 21 Jun 1999 21:43:25 -0400

hi folks,

another web dance of sorts via channel 13 in new york.

follow the links from the essay by carl goodman of the american museum of
the moving image:

or just go the hell there:

regards to all,


by the bye,

did anyone catch the riverbed gang whining about their "low budgets?"
compared to the other animations screened at siggraph, i think it was
tarzan, in the ny times?
i read that scott's now trying to hustle some of that pricey gear...

the dullest thing i've ever seen performed by bill t. jones. also, nothing
to play with.

motion capture? morgan keller, a fine young dancer, performed bill's "red
room(1987) at cunningham space, it was great to see. i saw it in 1987.
that kind of transmission moves me.

does it matter?