Andy Clarke (
Fri, 4 Jun 1999 12:29:13 +0100

Thanks for everyone who gave me advice on sensors (both on and off list).
BigEye seemed to be the most common recommendation.

I just have one question though, and that is how do I read the midi signal
sent out of BigEye in Director? Do I need one machine running BigEye and
one running my Director movie? Can I do it all on one machine (and is it
essential for this machine to have a midi card)?

On another track, has anyone had experience of using (or just testing) the
TrackThemColors xtra for Director? This does colour tracking (like BigEye)
but all from within Director. Its URL is

My initial feeling is that its framerate is less than that of BigEye, but
this is just going on the demo movie that came with it. Can anyone confirm
this? If its performance is similar then it may be a tempting alternative
for me.

Advantages: all within one application (that I am familiar with).

Disadvantages: no nice, easy BigEye interface (unless I write it myself).

Andy Clarke

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