New Dance Work using internet collaboration !

Regina Miranda (
Sun, 23 May 1999 20:43:26 -0400

To dancers/ choreographers/ visual artists/poets/ artists interested in collaborative work through internet.
ABOUT "VIRTUAL DERVISHES"- a dance work by Regina Miranda, with the Regina Miranda  Actors and Dancers Company of Rio the Janeiro, and international collaborators via Internet
My name is Regina Miranda. I'm a Brazilian choreographer, now living both in Rio and New York, CMA ( Certified Movement Analyst -through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies),quite well known in my country, running my own dance company for almost 20 years in Rio de Janeiro. You can know about me if you go to
I am now preparing a new dance work that will premiere in Rio in the first week of September, 1999. This work is structured in two ways: the traditional way, with everyday rehearsals in my studio in Rio de Janeiro and also through Internet collaborations. This is the first part of a project that will be developed next year, when the company will celebrate 20 years!
Our theme is the physical/emotional memory of unique moments in life: moments when the force of life manifests itself so strongly that its light remains imprinted in the body. The work has its origins in the poems of the great Sufi master Jelaluddin RUMI, now considered a poet of the same level as Dante or Shakespeare. Our style is post-modern and I like to refer to it as dance-poetry, since I feel like beginning a new cycle, that  comes out of a more dance-theatre style, characteristic of my work during a long time.
But this is not a restriction! Its just an information! You can contribute to this work in any style of dance, just by sharing your memories with us, sending a visual image or a dance sequence by video, writing a poem or an email about what you think of our proposal, or any other idea you may come with.
I will be selecting things for the work in the next 2 months, so , if you feel like participating, write me as soon as possible. This will not be a paid contribution. Unfortunately, at this moment,  we can't do that on such a large scale! But, of course , your name will be on the program, and we will acknowledge your contribution in as many ways as we can. If you want to know more, write a message to
I look forward to your contributions!
Thank you,
Regina Miranda