"Les Point Finaux" -- upcoming Palindrome Performances

Robert Wechsler (robert@palindrome.de)
Tue, 04 May 1999 10:33:30 +0200

Palindrome Intermedia Performance Group has PERFORMANCES coming up:

Aachen, Germany
May 7. and 8.

Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
May 29. and 30.

Nürnberg, Germany
June 4. and 5.
(Premiere of "Les Points Finaux")

Please let me know if you need tickets. I can generally get free or
half-price tickets for our guests.

"Les Points Finaux" and "La Virgule" belong to a new series of works
concerned with language. Among the universal characteristics of human
language are certain aspects of grammar, embodied, for example, in certain
functions of punctuation. (ergo, the titles: "periods" and "comma"). We
want to try to build up phrases of movement which make these features
dicernable. By interactively linking certain sound features to those in
movement, we can make something that feels remarkably like language. (is?)

"Les Points Finaux" is our the longest and, in many ways, most ambitious
project to date. 5 women dancers will be moving in a system including both
Palindrome's "dynamic fields" and "touchlines" computer programs. Why?
What we are learning is that movement is not so easily quantified as we
thought -- at least in terms of how it is experienced to the viewer. That
is, we experience human movement very differently from the way a camera and
computer does. Sometimes it is the body's flow, for example, which we see.
And at other times it is the positions and movements of specific body
parts which are important to us. Thus, our thought is that through a
multi-level system -- one which can use a variety of movement parameters --
the interactive artist can generate a work in which media seem really to
respond _intuitively_ to dance.

The American composers Joseph Butch Rovan (Florida State University) and
Noel B. Zahler (Connecticut College) are writing interactive scores for our
new pieces. This highly collaborative process runs in both directions.
Not only does the composer need to write music which the movement, in a
sense, realizes, or finishes, but the choreographer and dancers too, will
need to adapt their work to try to make the music sound better.

"Points Finaux", and our other new pieces will have their premiere at our
Tafelhalle season, with further performances in Dresden in the Fall.

Dancers: Frank Strobelt, Babis Panagiotidis, Marie Kassel, Caroline
Baudovin, Sophatai Kanthatham, Kakuti Davis, Robert Wechsler und Helena
Computer: Frieder Weiß

With kind regards,
Robert Wechsler


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